Wednesday, April 25, 2012


Are you looking for something to cure your post-Hunger Games blues?  You will love Marie Lu's debut novel!  Set in a future where the United States is divided into two warring countries, and the United States itself is a myth that's been wiped from the history books, Legend tells the story of Day and June.

Day is a rebel living on the outside of society, causing problems while keeping his identity secret.

June is a prodigy destined for a military career just like her brother.

There is no reason for their paths to cross until Day's younger brother is diagnosed with the plague, and Day becomes desperate to get a cure.  When he breaks into the hospital to steal medicine, June's beloved brother ends up dead, and she is now desperate to find her brother's killer.

Both will discover secrets and lies about their worlds and find an undeniable attraction to each other.  Can these enemies find the truth and each other behind all the lies?

Misty Gordon and the Mystery of the Ghost Pirates

Misty Gordon is not the most popular girl in Ashcrumb.  Her father owns a business called D.E.A.D. that buys furniture and belongings from the recently deceased and sells them in an antique shop.  The other kids call her vulture and make fun of her second hand clothes.

But things get really crazy when she finds a pair of glasses belonging to the local fortune teller, Madame Zaster, and she begins to see things in a whole new way.  Suddenly the dead aren't quite so dead, and Ashcrumb's charming history may not be as true as everyone thinks.

If Misty wants to save Ashcrumb, she'll have to decipher a prophecy, find some Greek gods, and escape an escapee from the local mental institution named May Nays with a passion for a certain sandwich spread!

This book is on the 2012-13 Bluebonnet list.