Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Wooden Bones

Turning into a real boy was just the beginning of Pinocchio's story.  Now the people in their village want Geppetto to make puppets for them, but he insists he can't.  This is when Pino discovers he has a gift. When he pours his desire and will into wood, it comes to life.  The villagers are so horrified by this, that Pino and his father are forced to flee their home.

As Pino uses his gift, he discovers he is slowly transforming back into wood.  Despite his desire to be a real boy, he uses his gift when it seems necessary to save himself and his papa.

Their journey through dark and dangerous places will bring them friendship, betrayal, and understanding.

Read Scott William Carter's disturbing version of what happens after Pinocchio's happily ever after.

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