Tuesday, November 6, 2012


This book begins several years after the end of Gathering Blue, and Matty is living in Village with Kira's father, now called Seer.  Village has always been the wonderful place filled with kind people that saved Seer when his own village left him for dead, but things are changing.

People are attending Trade Mart to trade for things they want.  Some are tangible things like new furniture or a gaming machine, but some things are less obvious and more frightening.  What is most frightening of all is what these people may to trading to get what they want.

Matty is also troubled by a strange new gift he has developed.  He has the power to heal, but he is left weakened by each experience.  As things grow worse in his community, Matty continues to test his gift.

Village has always welcomed all newcomers, but now the people want to close the borders, and Matty must make one final journey through forest to bring Kira home to her father.  But Forest is changing, too.  It is becoming a dark and threatening place that kills and maims, and this will be a dangerous journey for Matty and Kira.

I can't tell you my real feelings about this book because I don't want to spoil the ending.  Just know that I love it, and you should read it!

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