Monday, September 16, 2013

Road Trip

At first Ben is pretty excited to go on an impromptu road trip with his dad to rescue a border collie pup.  His dad's border collie, Atticus, is coming along for the ride, and this new dog will be Ben's.  Everything changes when Ben's dad tells him a secret he's quit his job and that they can no longer afford the hockey camp Ben was supposed to attend later in the summer.

Now Ben is furious and unwilling to talk to his dad at all, so he calls his friend, Theo, to join them.  This is just the beginning of a crazy trip that will eventually involve an old school bus, a cranky mechanic, a fed up waitress, and the highway patrolman with the department record for writing speeding tickets!

This trip was supposed to be about rescuing a dog, but it looks like there are some people who need rescuing, too!  If Atticus, the dog, has anything to say about it, everyone will get exactly was they deserve!  Join Ben, his dad, and their collection of strays in this crazy road trip.

Read Gary Paulsen's latest book written with his son Jim Paulsen.

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