Thursday, October 3, 2013


Cassie was born on the same day her town was drowned.  Old Lower Grange became a lake, and the new version of Lower Grange is shiny and new.  Even though Cassie can't remember Old Lower Grange, she feels the weight of the lost history there.  Twelve years later she still thinks about it.

Because she was born eight weeks premature, Cassie's lungs were underdeveloped, so she swims laps to help strengthen them.  One day she's had enough of the chaos of the town swimming pool and even the designated swimming area at the lake is too crowded.  Cassie decides to swim in the restricted area of the lake--the part where no one is supposed to go.

The town's long time mayor, Finkle, says it's dangerous.  There are too many places to get snagged.  But the more Cassie swims there, the more she realizes that just isn't true.  Soon she and Liam, who carries the scars of a long ago accident are meeting there to swim everyday.

The more they discover of the underwater town, the more Cassie starts to question what everyone else seems to take at face value.  Someone has a secret buried under all that water, and Cassie is determined to find the truth.

I really enjoyed this book!  Meg McKinlay manages to create an atmosphere of suspense at every turn in this book about truth and perception.  I was hooked all the way to the end!

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