Tuesday, December 3, 2013

For Darkness Shows the Stars

Elliot North is only seventeen, but she feels responsible for the welfare of her family's estate and all the workers under her care.  Her father and older sister are more concerned with views of the ocean than they are with feeding the people through the winter.

After her father plows under a field of wheat to build a racetrack, Elliot begins to panic.  It seems like a miracle when the Cloud Fleet wants to rent out her grandfather's house and shipyards to build a new ship that can allow them to sail even further than before.  Elliot thinks all her problems are solved until she sees Caption Malakai Wentworth, a former laborer on the North estate and now a decorated Captain in the Cloud Fleet.  Their past is more complicated than just that of servant and master; childhood friendship blossomed into love, but has now settled into resentment over the past four years of Kai's absence.

More than just the estate is at stake as Elliot battles her own feelings and Kai's coldness.  Loosely based on Jane Austen's Persuasion, Diana Perfreund's novel is a heartbreaking love story set in a post-apocalyptic science fiction landscape.

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