Thursday, May 14, 2015

The Story of Owen

"Listen!  For I sing of Owen Thorskard:  valiant of heart, hopeless at algebra, last in a long line of legendary dragon slayers.  Though he had few years and was not built for football, he stood between the town of Trondheim and creatures that threatened its survival."

Owen is in training to be the next great Thorskard dragonslayer.  His Aunt Lottie is probably the most famous dragonslayer since St. George, but an accident put her out of commission.  Now it's her brother, Owen's father, who is out slaying dragons while Lottie trains Owen.

Instead of moving to one of the big cities and taking a job with a big corporation, the Throskards have moved to Trondheim, a small town in the middle of nowhere.  They now protect the people and their farms in the surrounding area.  This is all part of their plan to take dragonslaying back to its roots.

Siobahn is another part of that plan.  Dragonslayers haven't had bards for years.  Reporters have been the ones telling their stories, but reporters tell the stories in the way that best pleases them.  Lottie thinks Owen needs a bard to tell his story, and she know just the girl.  Siobahn was one of the first people Owen met at school, and their friendship continued because Owen needed a math tutor, but Siobahn is also a musical genius who doesn't need much convincing to fall into training right next to Owen.  Owen will fight the dragons and Siobahn will compose the music that tells the story.

Things are not going quite according to plan.  The Thorskards thought country dragonslaying would be easy, but there are so many sightings, and the numbers are increasing every day.  Something isn't right.  If they can't do something to stop the increasing numbers, Trondheim and the surrounding area will be completely destroyed.  Siobahn and Owen are young, but there is no time for hesitation; the time has come for battle.

E.K. Johnston's debut novel is a fun and inventive fantasy.  Highly recommended to dragon fans!

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