Monday, December 7, 2015

Goodbye Stranger

When Bridge was little, she was nearly died after being hit by a car.  She survived, and now she and her two best friends are moving into the seventh grade, and life is starting to change.

For one thing, Emily suddenly looks more like an adult than a little kid, and she's suddenly really good at soccer.  This all means she is getting a lot of attention from different people including an older boy.

Tab is exploring her life as a feminist thanks to the Burperson, her new teacher and idol.

And Bridge has started wearing the cat ears from last year's Halloween costume every day, and she has a new friend who is...a boy.  Can boys be friends?

When Emily's relationship escalates to scandal, the three friends "no fighting" rule will be put to the test.

Plus, an unnamed girl is struggling with a betrayal on Valentine's Day and wondering if forgiveness is possible.

I really enjoyed Rebecca Stead's new book, but I do think it skews a bit older than her other books.  That's not a bad thing--just a bit of a surprise.  This book tackles issues that tweens and teens are dealing with today in relationships and with body image.  I think my favorite aspect of this book is how well the author portrays love between friends.  The characters are not afraid or embarrassed to tell each other "I love you."  We should all be more willing to be so open and honest with our friends.

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