Wednesday, January 20, 2016


Adrienne doesn't really like being a princess.  She hates fancy clothes and dinners, and those stories about wimpy girls waiting to be rescued never appealed to her.  Now her father has locked her in a tower where she's supposed to wait patiently for a prince to save the day.

But no one seems to be able to manage the job.  When she finds a sword hidden under her bed, she decides to take matters into her own hands.  She tames the dragon who is supposed to be guarding her and sets off to rescue her other sisters who are also locked in towers.

First, she needs some armor, so she meets up with Bedelia who is part dwarf and all blacksmith.  Together the two girls set off to free the girls of the land.

I absolutely loved this graphic novel from page one!  I snort laughed when Adrienne complained about the princess in her book having pipe cleaner arms. Princeless pokes fun at classic male and female stereotypes with charm and vigor.  I've finished book one and two, and I can't wait for Adrienne's next adventure!

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