Monday, March 7, 2016

Been There, Done That

This is an interesting idea for an anthology.  The premise is that everyday experiences can be transformed into fictional events.  A plethora of popular children's and YA authors have each submitted two stories--one that's real and one that is fictionalized.  Some of the fictional accounts are very close to the originals, but some veer into the fantastic.

This was an interesting read from a writer's perspective to see how themes and ideas from real life can translate into fiction.  None of the stories in this collection is particularly mind blowing, but it is the concept that will make this book a standout for kids.  Young readers will enjoy seeing this behind the scenes look at the writing process.  In fact, the reason I picked this one up is several students read it and told me they enjoyed it.

Kids who like short stories can enjoy this book, but it is best placed in the hands of aspiring young writers!

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