Thursday, May 5, 2016

Rebel Mechanics

It's 1888, and America is still a British colony.  The ruling class of magisters have used their magical abilities to control everyone else and slow the progress of technology.  Verity is newly arrived in New York City in search of a position as a governess.  When she is hired by a powerful and wealthy magister family, her life takes a surprising turn.  The job is easy and the children's guardian, their young uncle, barely pays attention to what is happening at home.

This is a stroke of luck for Verity since the first new friends she made in the city are actually members of the Rebel Mechanics, a group that wants to use steam power and technology to overthrow British rule.  The Rebels ask her to use her position to spy for them, and Verity agrees.  It doesn't hurt that one of the leaders is very handsome and very interested in Verity.

But she has suspicions about her new employer, too.  Is he really the bumbling amateur scientist he presents himself to be, or is there something more going on?

The stakes keep getting higher as the story progresses and Verity finds herself caught not just in a political tangle but possibly a romantic one as well.

Fans of steampunk, strong female characters, and light romance will enjoy Shanna Swedson's new series!

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