Friday, August 3, 2012

Baseball Great

Josh is the new kid at Grant Middle School, but things are starting off pretty well.  A reporter for the school paper (who happens to be a cute girl who knows a lot about sports) has written an article praising his baseball talents and predicting a winning season.  He even has a best friend, Benji.

Unfortunately, he also has an enemy who is bigger and stronger and who thinks Josh is trying to steal his girlfriend.  And he's about to get a lot more enemies when his dad gets him a place on Rocky Valentine's U14 travel team.  Josh wants to play with his friends, but his dad thinks this is his best chance for a future career in the majors.  Plus Rocky Valentine gave him a job, too.

The Titans are scary big and intense.  Josh is intimidated and exhausted, but Rocky's supplements and workouts are making him stronger.

When a member of the team offers him something than the supplements to improve his game and the team's prospects, Josh is in a difficult position.  He doesn't want to risk his health, but he doesn't want to get his father in trouble, too.

Josh and his friends will have to rely on each to find the truth against an enemy more dangerous than any they've faced before.

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