Friday, August 3, 2012


I don't know about you, but I am super excited about Neal Shusterman's forthcoming sequel to Unwind out this October!  In preparation, I decided to reread the original.  If you haven't read it yet, get busy, so you can read the sequel when it comes out. :)

The second American Civil War, known as the Heartland War, was fought over the right to life.  After a great loss of life, both sides decided to ban terminating pregnancies but to give parents the right have children unwound between the ages of thirteen and eighteen.  Parents of unwinds can be comforted that 99.44% of their children will live on as transplant material in a divided state.

When Connor discovered that his parents wanted to have him unwound, he knew he would have to run away.  From the beginning, things go wrong, and Connor's impulsiveness just makes things worse.

Lev is a tithe.  He was raised to believe that it is his duty to God and society to offer himself up for unwinding.  He is prepared to be unwound until a chance meeting with Connor and a split second decision change his course in ways he could never imagine.

Risa is a StaHo girl, raised by the state and trained as a classical pianist until one day a committee decides she isn't a good enough musician to be worth the effort or the cost of her continued life.  The committee decides society and she will be happier in a divided state.

The fates of these three teens will intersect and change all three of them and the country forever.

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