Saturday, December 1, 2012

The Wizard Heir

Seph has never known her family or his origins.  All he knows is that he is a wizard with a power that is becoming increasingly difficult to control.  After a tragic incident at a Toronto night club, Seph's guardians send him to The Havens, a remote private boys school in Maine.  Soon after he arrives, he learns The Havens is a place where he can get training and learn to control his power, but there is something sinister at work, and Seph is reluctant to buy the story his principal, Dr. Lester, is selling.

Little does he know that his defiance will put him on a path that will lead to heartbreak, revenge, and truth.

Fans of The Warrior Heir will be pleased to see that Seph eventually meets up with Jack, Ellen, Linda, Hastings, and all the other characters from the first book in this trilogy.  The Wizard Heir deepens connections and reveals in truths and plots in the Weir world.  Fantasy fans will enjoy Cinda Williams Chima's second entry in the series.

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