Friday, March 22, 2013

Walls Within Walls

The Smithfork kids are not happy about moving to Manhattan.  Having a dad who is a the designer of one of the most popular video games sounds great, but when Bruce Smithfork suddenly became a success, the family moved from there beloved Brooklyn neighborhood to a strange apartment that is part of an old mansion.  The people there are weird, not friendly like their
Brooklyn neighbors.  Plus, their dad now spends all of his time at work instead of spending time with his family and letting them test out new video games, and their mom spends all her time shopping and decorating, so she has none left for the kids.

CJ, Brid, and Patrick are left with a cranky nanny and loneliness.  It doesn't take long, however, for them to discover that there are secrets buried in their new home, secrets that might lead to a treasure that's been lost for decades.

As soon as they start investigating, weird things begin to happen.  Are their neighbors really who they say they are?  Will searching for this treasure put the kids in the path of criminals and kidnappers?  Besides, how can three kids solve a mystery that has stumped detectives and adults for decades?

Read Maureen Sherry's book to find out.  Will you solve the mystery before the Smithforks can?

Overall I enjoyed this mystery, but the characterization was a little weak at time for me.  I was confused as to why some of the characters were in the book at all.  I did enjoy the mystery and the National Treasure style search for clues.  I recommend this book for fans of The Westing Game and Chasing Vermeer.

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