Tuesday, April 15, 2014


What if heroes with super powers like the guys in the comic books suddenly became real?  Sounds pretty awesome, right?  But what if there are no heroes, only villains?

This is the nightmare for David and everyone else after Calamity appeared in the sky.  At first some were hopeful like David's dad.  He believed that in a world with super villains there would have to be super heroes as well.  All that changed the day Steelheart murdered David's dad and pretty much everyone else in the bank where they were trying to take out a loan.  David was the only survivor of that horrifying day, and he's pretty sure Steelheart would kill him, too, if he knew David existed.

That day David vowed to avenge his father's death, but how do you kill someone who is invincible?  Bullets bounce right off him.  Knives shatter without even scratching his skin.  But David know Steelheart has a weakness; all epics do, and David has seen a glimpse of Steelheart's.  He just hasn't figured out quite what it is yet.

Steelheart has one other power.  He can turn any inanimate material into steel which is what he does to the entire city of Chicago--steel buildings, steel trees, steel streets, steel corpses of everyone he killed that day.  To make matters worse, Steelheart teamed up with Nightwielder, an epic who can block out the sun.  Now Chicago is Newcago, a city ruled by a tyrant and plunged into perpetual darkness.

Now that he's seventeen, David has been living under Steelheart's rule in Newcago for years, but he's not giving up his desire for revenge.  When a rebel group shows up in town, he may get his chance.

Read Brandon Sanderson's new book that's a twist on the super hero genre.  This was a great read with a great twist at the end that I did not figure out.  You will love it!

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