Tuesday, April 1, 2014

The Watcher in the Shadows

Irene's family has fallen low since her father died leaving them with a mountain of debts.  As they morn for their father and fall into ever worse circumstances, an offer arrives that seems like a miracle.  Irene's mother has been offered a position as a housekeeper to the reclusive toy maker Lazarus Jann.  The job comes with a large salary and a house for the family to live in.  It seems to good to be true!

Upon their first visit to Cravenmoore, Jann's home, the children are spooked by the life size automatons which fill the house, and they are warned never to go into the east wing of the house where his invalid wife lives.  In addition, the forest surrounding Cravenmoore and the Sauville's new home is filled not with real birds but with strange automatons built by Lazarus Jann.  Despite their uneasiness, the job still seems like a good fit.

Soon after their arrival, Irene meets Ismael, a young sailor with whom she instantly falls in love, and the two begin spending all their time together.

Things quickly turn sour when an unsuspecting housemaid releases a powerful evil that begins to hunt down everyone connected with Lazarus Jann.  Who is the toy maker really, and why does this evil force cling to him?

Read Carlos Ruiz Zafon's thrilling tale of horror and suspense to find out!

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