Wednesday, January 14, 2015

The Haunting of Gabriel Ashe

After their home burns down, 8th grader Gabriel Ashe and his family move to the small town of Slade to live with his grandmother.  There isn't much to do in Slade, and Gabe spends a lot of time with a neighbor boy in the woods behind their houses.  The game seemed a little childish at first, but it was fun, and it's not like Gabe had anything else to do.  The two boys become warrior princes who have to save their kingdoms from a creature called The Hunter.

School starts, and Gabe learns that Seth is the school victim.  He feels torn between his friend and the popularity he has always wanted.  When strange things begin happening in town, everyone blames Seth.  Seth insists it was The Hunter.

At first Gabe is annoyed.  It's just a game, right?  But their is a suspicion in the back of his mind that maybe Seth is telling the truth.  Either way, the pranks are becoming more dangerous, and Gabe finds himself in the center as both victim and accused.  Will he discover the truth before it is too late?

This is something different from Dan Poblocki's other stories.  It starts out as a friendship story turns to a mystery and ends up in horror.  It will definitely keep you guessing about who is to blame and how everything will resolve.  It's a bit of a slow start for a horror story, but keep with it.  You won't be disappointed!

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