Thursday, January 22, 2015


Rio has lived her entire life below in Atlantia.  Many years ago when the above became too polluted, humanity found a solution.  They built the underwater city of Atlantia, and some were chosen to live there to increase humanity's chances of survival.  Some where chosen to stay above to live in the polluted world and send food and supplies below.

Rio has always dreamed of going above, but when her mother died she promised her sister, Bay, she would stay below with her.  But Rio is shocked when Bay chooses to go above and leave her sister alone in Atlantia.  It is at this moment that Rio reveals her secret.  She is a siren.  Her true voice can bend people to her will, but she has kept this power a secret all her life to stay out of the hands of the council and those who would use her for their own ends.

It is only after Bay is gone that Rio begins to explore more of Atlantia where she comes in contact with her Aunt Mer, a powerful siren.  Rio isn't sure she can trust her aunt or the disturbing truths she learns about Atlantia.

One thing is for certain.  Rio will find a way to get above even if her feelings get more confused every day.  Atlantia is more dangerous than she ever imagined especially for a siren living in the shadows.  But she is also in danger of losing her heart to True, the clever boy who wants to protect her.

Ally Condie's new book has a similar feel to the Matched trilogy, and you will definitely enjoy Atlantia if you liked the first series.

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