Monday, February 2, 2015

The Boundless

Will has always wanted an adventure of his own.  His father has had plenty starting with laying track across the Canadian wilderness to saving a railroad baron's life and being promoted to head of the company.  Will's fortunes change with his father's, but he wants an adventure of his own.  Little does he know he's about to have the ride of his life!

The track is laid, the engine is complete, and The Boundless is about to make its first trip across the Canadian frontier pulling miles of passengers, cargo, foreign settlers, and the great Zirkus Dante.  Will's journey begins in a private first class carriage, but when he sees a girl he knew from years ago performing with Zirkus Dante, he sets off to find her on the train.  This decision leads to his discovery that murderous thieves are plotting on the train, and in his attempt to escape the murderer, he nearly misses the train and has to work his way from the caboose to the front while avoiding conspirators.

Will goes undercover with the Zirkus, which is an adventure in itself, but Canada is a wild and mysterious place filled with sasquatches, witches, and deadly avalanches.  It will take all his wits and courage to make it back to the front of the train to warn his father and save the passengers.

Kenneth Oppel's new book is a thrilling adventure ride mixing historical fiction with fantasy and suspense.  It's a must read for thrill seekers.

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