Thursday, February 4, 2016

I Am Princess X

It's been three years since May's best friend died in a car accident, and she still misses Libby every day.  But even without Libby life has moved on.  May's parents are divorced now, so she only spends part of the year in Seattle with her dad.

One day when she visiting one of the places she used to go with Libby, she sees a Princess X sticker.  The blue haired princess is a shock since she was Libby and May's creation, and May hasn't seen her since Libby died.  Together they created hundreds of pages of comic books, but no one else ever really saw it.  They never published it or anything, so where did the sticker come from?

Is it possible that Libby is still alive?  It seems crazy, but May can't stop her mind from going there.  The more she investigates what has become a web comic, the more she starts to believe Libby is alive and reaching out to May for help.

Is the message really from Libby, and if it is, will May be able to help her friend in time?

This is a fun mystery with comic pages mixed into the story.  I recommend Cherie Priest's novel for mystery and graphic novel fans alike!

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