Thursday, February 4, 2016

Tut: the Story of My Immortal Life

Thanks to a nearly deadly standoff with his murdering uncle a couple thousand years ago, Tut has been trapped in the body and mind of fourteen year old ever since.  Something happened in that moment when Horemheb tried to kill his nephew, and now the two are immortal.

Now Tut lives in Washington D.C. with his gods-appointed protector/babysitter Gill, the cat form of the god Horus, and an army of shabtis.  This makes for an interesting life, but things are about to crazy because Horemheb is back with the cult of Set in tow.  Horus and Set are old enemies and Tut and Horemheb are playing for opposing teams.

Now Tut has to figure out a way to defend himself from his immortal enemy and an angry god.  Plus, he's got normal stuff like an overeager partner for a project on Egyptian history and a crush on the new girl who is cute but maybe not trustworthy.

I think Percy Jackson fans will enjoy P.J. Hoover's new book, but it was a real struggle for me to finish it.  I think it kind of fall into that Twilight category of wasted immortality.  Yes, you are trapped in a teenager's body, but do you really think repeating the same few grades over and over is the best use of your time?  You could be curing disease or traveling the world, but instead you play video games and repeat the 8th grade forever.  I think I would've liked this a lot more if Tut had been magically transported to the future or been in gods induced coma or something.

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