Thursday, January 24, 2013

Liar and Spy

Georges (pronounced like George, the "s" is silent) is not happy to have moved into a new apartment.  He loved his old house, but when his dad got laid off the family had to downsize.  To make things worse, his mother who is a nurse is always at the hospital.

When he meets a kid named Safer and joins Spy Club, things start to get weird.  Safer is convinced that one of their neighbors is a murderer, and he enlists a reluctant Georges to help him spy.

At school, Georges is tormented by a group of bullies.  His strategy has been to ignore everything and try to float above life at school, but it's getting harder to do that as the bullying intensifies.

Rebecca Stead's new book is about finding safety and belonging.  Sometimes that means you have to face the truth.

I highly recommend this one!  It's a great story that doesn't reveal all it's secrets until the end.

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