Monday, January 7, 2013

The Girl of Fire and Thorns

Sixteen year old Elisa has spent her life feeling useless.  She is the shy and overweight younger daughter of a king who avoids the spotlight and soothes her insecurities with food.  There is one thing about her that makes her special; she bears the Godstone.  Only one person in a century is chosen to bear the bear the stone and perform an act of service.  But Elisa knows she isn't worthy and fears she will never fulfill her destiny.

Now she is marrying the king of a neighboring land, a man she's never met.  It's a political alliance, and she's never met her future husband.  With her marriage to the suave and handsome Alejandro, Elisa moves into a world of danger and confusion.  She's always been so certain about her place in the world, but now she is surrounded by new dangers and traitors at every corner.

There is an enemy at the gate ready to destroy everything in their way. The Inviernos are wild and savage, and they are led by animagi who burn villages and people with an unnatural fire.  How can Elisa be of any use against such a numerous and powerful enemy?

As Elisa transitions from a pampered and frightened princess into a bold and hardened warrior, she will deal with palace intrigues, rugged wilderness journeys, and forbidden love.  Rae Carson's debut novel is a wild and romantic fantasy in the tradition of Robin McKinley and Tamora Pierce.

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