Thursday, February 28, 2013

Aaron-Martin, Tink--The girl who is so grounded this summer that she decided to write an encyclopedia of her life.

Aaron-Martin, Twins--These are the two older brothers who drive Tink crazy just with general older-brotherness from Lex and older-brotherness plus autism from Seb.  This will be a real source of frustration in Tink's life!

Afro--The hairstyle Tink is stuck with, but maybe it's not as terrible as she's always thought.

Anderson, Freddie Blue--Tink's BFF (maybe).  These two girls once did everything together, but now FB is acting weird and fake.  Plus, FB called dibs on Tink's cute (maybe) new neighbor.

Blue-haired boy--Kai is Tink's new neighbor, and even though she knows it's wrong to have a crush on the boy her BFF is crushing on, she just can't help it!  This might not be a problem anyway since Tink turns into a total spaz around Kai anyway!

Encyclopedia of Me, The--You should definitely read Karen Rivers's book!  It is filled with the laughter and heartbreak of Tink's summer before 8th grade year.  A lot can change in a summer, but maybe change isn't always terrible.

P.S.  You must read the footnotes!  They are some of the funniest parts of the book!

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