Monday, February 11, 2013

Keeping the Castle

Patrice Kindl's new book is an homage to Jane Austen and her fabulous heroines and a laugh out loud tale of romance and crossed signals.

Seventeen-year-old beauty Althea is her family's only hope for saving their home, a crumbling castle built in the medieval style on the edge of a cliff.  Because of the time, Regency England, women have no means of making money other than marrying well.  Thus begins Althea's quest to marry a rich man and save her family's lands and home.

When a crop of new visitors, including a recently promoted Earl arrive in the village of Lesser Hoo, Althea sees her chance.  Will she persuade Lord Boring to fall for her womanly charms in spite of two badly behaved stepsisters, a crumbling castle, and Boring's ill-mannered friend, Mr. Fredericks?

With hints of Pride and Prejudice and Emma, fans of Jane Austen and newcomers to regency romance will love this one!

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