Tuesday, February 19, 2013

The Secret Garden

Mary was born in India to parents who never paid her any attention.  She learned to be selfish, cruel, bad tempered, and loved by no one.  When a tragedy strikes her home, she soon finds herself in Yorkshire, England, where the climate and the people are completely different from her home in India.

She is in a mysterious and large house where her uncle does not wish to see her, but she is surrounded by servants who wont stand for her demanding behavior.  Soon she begins to spend time outside in the gardens where she loves the plants and animals, and she slowly begins to change.

But there is one garden she is not allowed to enter.  The gate is locked and the key buried because it is a painful reminder of the past and the secrets of her new home.  The mystery of this locked garden is not the only one at Misselthwaite Manner.  Sometimes Mary hears strange cries, but the servants tell her she is imagining things.

What is the secret pain of Misselthwaite Manner?  Can a simple garden heal broken hearts?  Read Frances Hodgson Burnett's classic story to find out!  Also, visit this site to find out about Yorkshire, England, the setting for this story.

Here is the trailer a movie version:

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