Monday, April 1, 2013

Freaky Fast Frankie Joe

When Frankie Joe's mom goes to jail, he is forced to leave his home at the Lone Star Trailer Park in Laredo, TX, to live with a father he doesn't know in Clearview, IL.  Frankie Joe loves his life in the Texas desert with his retired neighbors and best friends.  Besides, his mom needs him.  He knows this move is only temporary, and he can't wait to get home.

He soon discovers that his father has a wife and four other sons, and Frankie Joe's arrival unsettles everyone.  His four brothers resent him, and school is a disaster.  School was never that important to Frankie Joe's mom, so it was never that important to him.  He's paying for that now.

The only good thing is Frankie Joe's new business plan.  He starts making deliveries for people in town to earn extra money, and everyone starts to count on him.  Why does he need all that extra money?  Frankie Joe isn't going to stay in Clearview one minute longer than he has to.  Once he's gone, he can get back to his normal life, and so can everyone else.

Read Lutricia Clifton's novel about family, responsibility, and find where you belong.

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