Sunday, April 14, 2013

Tokyo Heist

Violet has been looking forward to spending the summer with her artist  father, but things get off to a bad start when he is so wrapped up in his work that he forgets to pick her up.  On top of this, her father is dismissive of Violet's beloved manga including her work on her own Manga, Kimono Girl.

But Violet is intrigued when she learns that some lost Van Gogh prints have been stolen from the Yamadas, a wealthy Japanese couple who want to hire her father to paint a mural.  No one wants to listen to a teenager, but Violet does some amateur sleuthing and soon becomes convinced she's on the right track.

That track and her father's work for the Yamadas soon lead to Tokyo, and Violet is in her beloved Japan secretly investigating an art theft that seems to have started in the past.  Family secrets and the Japanese mafia both play starring roles in this globe trotting tale of adventure, art, and crime.

Fans of Ally Carter's Heist Society novels will love Diana Renn's Tokyo Heist!  My only complaint about this book was the lack of actual manga.  Violet loves manga and uses her her art to help her figure out the mystery, and I think it would've been nice to actually see the art instead of just reading about it.  But I enjoyed the book anyway, and I'm sure you will, too.

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