Thursday, April 25, 2013

The Boy on Cinnamon Street

Louise, AKA Thumbelina, has a secret admirer.  She loves the notes he send, and she's pretty sure she's figured out who he is.  When she sees Benny, the pizza delivery guy, she gets a funny feeling that must be a crush even though it isn't necessarily a good feeling.  Her best friend, Reni, assures her that crushes make you feel terrible.  Reni should know.  She's been crushing on Justin Bieber for years.

But maybe it isn't a crush.  Maybe this funny feeling has something to do with all the things Louise refuses to remember about her past.  The reason she lives in a condo with her grandparents instead of in the green house on Cinnamon Street.

Of course, there is also Henderson, Reni's brother and Louise's other best friend.  He's the one who gave her the Thumbelina idea.  Hen says everyone has a personal story they adhere to, and he should know.  He's writing a novel of his own, and Thumb always gets to read the pages first.

There are plenty of secrets in Louise's life waiting to be discovered, some good, some bad, but all of them could break her heart.

Read Phoebe Stone's new book for a bittersweet story about life.  Make sure to read the author's note at the end for a personal connection to the story!

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