Sunday, June 9, 2013

True Legend

Drew "True" Robinson is already a star, and he's headed for NBA.  Everyone knows it including the ultra  rich Seth Gilbert who "discovered" Drew playing street ball in New York and moved him and his mom to California complete with a private school, a house, and a job for his mom.  But Darlene Robinson isn't buying all the hype; she knows Gilbert wants to be the man next to man.

Even Drew's best friend covers for him in school making sure his grades are high enough and giving him rides.  And his high school coach leaves pretty much everything up to Drew from practice schedules to plays on the court.

The problem is Drew is starting to believe the hype.  Why should he worry about school when it's just a stepping stone to the NBA?  Why should he worry about being a team player when everyone knows he's the real star?

One night Drew will meet someone on the playground who will force him to face reality, to see the truth of what his life has become.  Is it too late for Drew to become the real "True" Robinson?

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