Wednesday, November 20, 2013


Taemon's world is divided.  Those with psi live in Deliverance where everything is done with telekinetic ability.  The duds, those without psi, live in the colony, ostracized from the city and all it's wonders.  Following an accident, Taemon loses his psi.

He is terrified that people will discover his secret.  Because they know he will be sent away if anyone discovers the truth, Taemon's parents try to cover for him when possible, but it's hard to live without psi in a world where no one uses their hands--not even to eat!  Even Taemon's bullying older brother tries to hide the truth because his doesn't want the stain of a dud brother.

It's not until Taemon is banished to the colony that he begins to see things in a new light.  Maybe being psiless isn't so bad, but maybe he isn't as psiless as he thinks.  Everything has always believed about his life and his people will come into question, and it will be up to him, a freakling, to prevent a war and countless deaths.

Can Taemon save himself and everyone else?  Read Lana Krumwiede's debut novel to find out!

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