Monday, November 4, 2013


Kyla is 16 years old, but she might as well be a baby for all she knows about the world.  Her lifetime experience started when she woke up in the hospital a few months ago.  Now it's time for her to leave the hospital and meet her new family.

Kyla has been slated.  In the near future teenage criminals get one more chance, one last option.  Slateds have been erased, their memories, their identities.  They are now clean slates like Kyla and the other slateds.

But something is wrong.  Kyla is not like the others.  She doesn't wear a happy grin and overlook unpleasantness.  From the beginning, she's had terrible nightmares that bring her dangerously close to the edge.  Like all slated, Kyla wears a Levo which monitors her emotions.  If you get too upset, unhappy, or angry, you risk seizure.  Try to remove it, and you risk death.

Unlike the others, Kyla questions the problems she sees around her and worries about the other slateds, especially Ben.  It isn't long before she realizes that slating isn't just used on criminals, and it doesn't always happen through official channels.  The more truth Kyla and Ben discover, the more they put themselves at risk.  Can they survive discovering the truth?

Read Teri Terry's debut novel to find out!  Fans of dystopia like The Hunger Games, Divergent, and Legend will enjoy this book.

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