Saturday, November 23, 2013

Gaby, Lost and Found

Gaby Ramirez Howard is struggling to get along without her mother.  It's been three month's since her mother, an illegal immigrant, was deported to Honduras.  Since that time Gaby has been struggling to get through each day hoping for the time her mother will return.  For now her dad has moved in, and he's supposed to be taking care of her, but she spends most of her time alone, and sometimes he even forgets to provide food for her.

When she and her classmates start volunteering at the Furry Friends animal shelter, Gaby is happy to find something to take her mind off her troubles.  Gaby begins writing profiles for the animals to get them get adopted.  She loves all the animals, but one cat in particular captures her heart.

Feather's owners abandoned their declawed cat at a rest stop.  By the time Feather gets to the shelter she is sick and malnourished.  Gaby instantly feels a connection to the Feather.  But will she go too far in her efforts to protect the cat, and will she be able to face the truth about her mother?  Read Angela Cervantes's new book to find out.  Animal lovers and anyone who's ever felt alone will identify with Gaby and her struggles.

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