Monday, February 17, 2014

Doll Bones

Zach loves playing the game with Alice and Poppy.  Using dolls and action figures they create elaborate long running tales of adventure and intrigue, but when Zach's dad comes home after a long absence, he decides his son is too old for dolls.  With the action figures gone, Zach feels like his characters are dead.  How can the game go on?

That's when Poppy decides to liberate the queen from the glass case in her living room.  The queen is old and kind of creepy, and once she's out, she tells Poppy she is made from the bones of a dead child named Eleanor, and Eleanor isn't going to rest until her bones are returned to her grave.

Zach and Alice aren't sure they believe Poppy at first, but strange things keep happening, and soon the three friends are headed off on a quest to calm and angry ghost.

Read Holly Black's new tale of friendship, adventure, and a haunted doll!

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