Monday, February 17, 2014

Perfect Ruin

Morgan has lived all her life on Internment, a floating city from which no one can escape.  There are those who've tried--jumpers who are left permanently damaged by the attempt, like her older brother Lex.   Even though Morgan sometimes dreams of the ground and what life might be like there, she feels safe on Internment.  But the discovery of a murdered girl will change the way she sees her city forever, and when the king announces the girl's betrothed as her killer, Morgan is horrified.

The people of Internment are matched from birth to each other.  The city is small and can't support unlimited population growth, so new children can only be born when adults die.  And two children, a boy and a girl, are always approved together.  This way they can grow and learn as a pair, creating a bond that will eventually result in marriage.  Morgan is lucky; she loves Basil.  Not everyone is so perfectly matched, but Morgan is horrified by the thought that one part of a betrothed couple could murder the other.

The more she considers this, the more she begins to really examine her world and doubt the things around her.  Her secret fear is that she too will become irrational and try to jump or something equally horrifying.  Would Basil still love her if he knew the truth?

The more Morgan questions, the more the world around seems to unravel.  Internment is hiding more secrets than Morgan ever considered, and she may be in more danger than she ever thought possible.  

Lauren DeStefano's first book in the new Internment Chronicles series is lush, romantic, and dangerous with a cliff-hanger ending that will leave you hungry for the next installment!

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