Monday, February 17, 2014

School Spirits

Izzy Brannick is trained to fight monsters.  That's all her family has done for centuries, but it's a dangerous job, and there are only a few Brannicks left.  Really it's just Izzy and her mom since her older sister Fin went missing on a job a few months ago.

Izzy's been distracted since Fin disappeared, so her mom decides they are going to go on an extended job in Ideal, Mississippi, to get rid of a little ghost problem.  It should be an easy job.  All Izzy has to do is salt the ghost's grave and problem solved.

But things are quite that easy.  Izzy will have to enroll in the local high school to investigate the haunting, and she may be fifteen, but she's never been to school or had any real friends before.  Her missing sister, and a teenage warlock whose been trapped in a mirror for a couple of centuries are the only "friends" she has.

Izzy quickly befriends the kids in the Paranormal Management club at school thinking they can help her with background research, but she quickly discovers she actually likes them, and this tough monster hunter is faced with the idea of having real friends and maybe even a crush.  But they don't know the truth about Izzy or that she'll be leaving as soon as the job's finished.

This "routine" job takes a twist for the weird, and Izzy may need all the help she can get to banish an angry ghost bent on getting revenge for a one hundred year old crime.

This series opener by Rachel Hawkins is fun, flirty, and dangerous!

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