Thursday, May 3, 2012

Belly Up

Teddy Fitzroy spent his childhood in Africa with his mother, the gorilla expert, and his father, the wildlife photographer.  It was a life filled with adventure and animals, but now his parents have decided that he might need something a little more stable for teen years.

That's where FunJungle comes in.  FunJungle is the most amazing zoo in America with the best animal habitats and some of the best zoologists and zookeepers in the world.  It's not Africa, but Teddy does enjoy his days of freedom in zoological theme park.

Then, disaster strikes.  Henry the Hippo dies unexpectedly, and Teddy is suspicious.  Maybe someone took out Henry on purpose; maybe it was murder.

At first no one believes Teddy, so he investigates on his own, but this leaves him in some disgusting and dangerous situations.  By the time his mother starts to believe him, he is in danger of becoming the hippo killer's next victim!

This was a great mystery with humor and plenty of plot twists.  I also liked the relationship Teddy has with his parents.  It's great to see a kid in a YA book who has reliable, trustworthy, and trusting parents!

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