Saturday, May 12, 2012

Benjamin Franklinstein Lives!

Before his death, Benjamin Franklin and an the Promethean Society devised a plan to keep Franklin in suspended animation until some time in the future when he would be needed again.  Now, a stray bolt of lightning has awakened Franklin, but he can't find his caretakers anywhere.

He does find Victor, whose mother owns the house where Franklin has been "sleeping" in a secret subbasement for all these years.  Victor loves science,but he also loves perfection.  He can calculate odds and risk factors based on past experiments to create a science project with a 97% chance of winning the science fair, but this new friend will challenge all his assumptions.

With a mix of science, guesswork, humor, and happy accidents, Victor and Ben will make amazing discoveries, figure out a way to keep Franklin from turning into an starved electro-zombie, and learn that science is all about risk.

This books is filled with illustrations and charts that are part science and part science fiction.  It's a fun mix of monster movie, science fiction, and American history.  Check out the website here!

Benjamin Franklinstein Lives! is on the 2012-2013 Bluebonnet list and on the Campbell 6th grade reading list for next year.

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