Thursday, May 10, 2012


OK, I am cheating a little with this one since it won't be published until September, but I liked it so much, I had to go ahead and write about it!  :)

This is a picture of the author, Tim Green, signing the book at TLA.  My friend and I were first in line (who wouldn't want to meet this guy) to meet him and get the books signed.  (One of you will win the very copy he is holding at the Biggest Reader party!)

We chatted with him for a few minutes, and he asked us to make sure we read the letter in the front cover of the book.  Green writes about his wife's battle with cancer and how cancer survivors, not athletes, are the real heroes.  What an inspiration!  Look for more news on Unstoppable next fall as it will figure prominently in our library activities.  (I won't tell you how just yet, but it is going to be awesome!)

Harrison has been in a string of foster homes for years.  He has a bad rap for being aggressive, but that is only because he is trying to protect the other kids.  Life on the Constable farm is one of the worst so far.  The Constables are cold and demanding, and Harrison's life is filled with hard work and anger.  He is starting to believe that nothing good will ever happen to him.

When a traumatic event strikes the farm, Harrison's life changes for the better.  He gets new foster parents who seem to really care about him, and his new foster father is the coach of the middle school football team.  Harrison loves football, but he's never been able to play.  Once he gets a shot on the field, everyone is amazed at his determination.  Harrison is unstoppable!

Now life seems too good to be true:  family, friends, football.  Harrison can't shake the nagging fear that everything is about to go wrong like it always does.  Will this new struggle be too much, or will Harrison remain unstoppable?

This book isn't out yet, so there isn't a trailer, but here is a video of Tim Green talking about writing, reading, and one of his other books.

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