Saturday, May 26, 2012

A Dog's Purpose

A Dog's Purpose is W. Bruce Cameron's journey inside the mind of a dog as it tries to discover it's purpose.

Life starts for Toby as a feral dog.  He is inquisitive and finds fleeting affection, but death is not the end for this dog.  Each time he comes to the end of life, he awakens as a puppy with a new life and a new name.  As he travels through each life, he uses the lessons he has learned to help the people around him as he tries to discover his purpose for existence.

A Dog's Purpose is at times funny, sad, and touching.  Every animal lover should read it, but it is especially for dog lovers.  As a cat person, I enjoyed the book, and I loved the dog's observations about cats.  He generally thinks they have "no discernible purpose."

This book is a wonderful view of love from a dog's eyes.  The complexities of human life and relationships get boiled down to play, love, comfort, and eat.  Anyone who has ever loved an animal will understand and appreciate this dog's single-minded devotion to his master's comfort and happiness.

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