Friday, May 10, 2013


Sunday Woodcutter is the youngest of seven daughters named for the days of the week.  Sunday loves to write, but she only writes about the past, never her own stories.  Strange things happen when she does.

One day she meets an enchanted frog in the forest, and the two strike up a conversation that quickly becomes a true friendship.  When Sunday returns to find him missing one day, she is heartbroken and confused.  What has happened to her friend, and can she really be in love with a frog?

Rumbold is a prince and a victim of an ongoing battle between enemy fairy godmothers.  He was transformed into a frog in retaliation for something his fairy godmother did, but she was able to soften the curse.  The enchantment would end with true love's kiss. 

This is only the beginning of a complex and well-written story that references every fairy tale you've ever heard (and probably a few you haven't)!  It's a little piece of heaven for a fairy tale nerd like me!  If you like romance, fantasy, and twisting plots involving evil rulers and family secrets, you'll love Alethea Kontis's new book!

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