Monday, May 20, 2013

Three Times Lucky

Mo's life has always been a bit of a mystery.  Ever since she and the Colonel washed up on the shore of the river in a hurricane, she's been trying to figure things out.  The Colonel was in an accident and has no memory of his former life.  The first thing he remembers is pulling Mo from the river. 

Now Mo lives with the Colonel and Miss Lana in the back of the Cafe they own and run in Tupelo Landing, Mississippi.  Life goes on as usual until the day Detective Joe Starr shows up investigating a murder.  Now there is a dangerous criminal on the loose, and people are disappearing. 

Mo and her best friend decide to investigate, but who can they trust in a tiny town where everyone knows everyone?  It will take all of Mo's wit and common sense, not to mention the help of friends and a few enemies, to figure this one out!

With a cast of zany characters and a truly twisted mystery, Sheila Turnage's new book is a great read!

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