Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Flying the Dragon

Skye is not happy to learn that she will have to spend extra time in Japanese classes instead of at soccer practice.  She's never met her Japanese relatives who are moving to America, and she doesn't really consider herself Japanese.  Her father may have grown up there, but Japan isn't a part of her daily life.

Hiroshi loves his life in Japan making kites with his grandfather.  He can't wait for the upcoming kite fighting battle, but all his plans are changed when he learns his family will be moving to America.  He loves his life in Japan.

Skye and Hiroshi will have to figure out how to communicate with each and how to navigate this new world.  Things go wrong from the start, and at the center of their conflict is Grandfather.  Hiroshi is jealous of any time Grandfather devotes to Skye.  He wants things to be the same as they always have.  Skye thinks Hiroshi is being selfish.  He's had his whole life to get to know Grandfather, and she's only just met him.  But time may be running out for Grandfather who just wants his grandchildren to be friends.

This book alternates chapters between the two main characters highlighting Hiroshi's confusion and frustration with new food, customs, and language as well as Skye's embarrassment over her Japanese cousin who makes her seem different from the other kids at school and her anger at having to sacrifice something she loves for a family she's never met.

You will also get interesting information about kite construction and rokkaku battles.  Read Natalie Dias Lorenzi's tale of two kids in unfamiliar territory.

Watch the video below to see a rokkaku battle!


  1. Thanks so much for including Flying the Dragon on your blog! :-)

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  2. I really enjoyed your book. I am middle school librarian, and I'm putting it on my 6th grade reading list for next year. Congratulations on making the Texas Bluebonnet List!