Monday, May 20, 2013

One Came Home

Georgie Burkhart knows her sister Agatha can't be dead.  It doesn't matter that there is a body with auburn hair wearing Agatha's dress.  Georgie believes Agatha is alive.

No one wants to listen, so Georgie decides to conduct her own investigation into her sister's disappearance.  With little more than her savings and her beloved shotgun, Georgie makes a plan.  Of course, plans were made to be unraveled, and Georgie has to alter her plans along the way.

In the unsettled back country of 1871 Wisconsin will have to face criminals and deadly animals in her quest to find out the truth about Agatha and assuage her own conscience.  She's willing to do it because Georgie's keeping a secret of her own, and if Agatha really is dead, Georgie could be to blame.

Part mystery and part western, this is a great read and a thrilling adventure!  Read Amy Timberlake's newest book; you won't be sorry you did!

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