Monday, August 5, 2013

Perfect Scoundrels

Let me just start by saying I love this series!  Globe-trotting adventure, romance, intricate heists, crazy characters--what's not to love?  This is the third installment of Ally Carter's Heist Society series, and it delivers on everything I've come to expect.

Katarina Bishop is no stranger to difficult situations and intricate plots, but this time is different.  This time it's about Hale.  His grandmother, head of Hale Industries, has died, and Hale seems more distant than ever.  He's been named the heir with a trustee until he comes of age, and Kat is beginning to wonder if her relationship with Hale and his connection to her family of thieves and grifters was just a vacation from reality.

To make matters worse, Kat gets a tip off that the will is fake.  Is Hale really the mark in an elaborate plot?  Will Kat be able to uncover the truth and salvage Hale's dignity and their relationship at the same time?

Kat will need all her wits and her entire team from every corner of the globe to pull of her biggest Heist yet!

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