Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Poison Most Vial

Ruby Rose has a problem.  Well, she has several problems.  She and her father have moved from her beloved home in rural Arkansas to the city where she has to attend the DeWitt school which is full of snobby super smart kids; Ruby's dad is a janitor at the college.

Now on top of everything, the famous Dr. Ramachandran, head of forensics in the college has been murdered.  And who do you think the prime suspect is?  That's right, Ruby's dad.

Ruby is desperate to prove her father's innocence, and it doesn't seem like the police are looking any further.  With the help of her best friend, Rex, a Jamaican boy with a large appetite and a larger sense of humor, Ruby begins to investigate.  She's making progress on her own, but when she connects with a reclusive former forensic pathologist, things really get going.

As Ruby works to prove her father's innocence, she may also discover that her new life isn't as terrible and lonely as she once thought.  Read Benedict Carey's new mystery to find out if Ruby can solve the case and clear her father's name.

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