Friday, August 2, 2013

Tiger Lily

Tiger Lily began life as an abandoned infant taken in by Tik Tok, the Shaman of the Sky Eaters.  Her status as an abandoned child means many in the tribe have always found it is easy to bully and demean her, but she has always been strong and independent.

That strength is what draws Tinker Bell to her.  Fairies don't generally stray far from home, but Tinker Bell is intrigued by this girl who barely acknowledges her existence.

The tribe has an uneasy alliance with the pirates, a dark and dangerous group, but there is one other the Sky Eaters fear even more.  This enemy is so dangerous, none of the people ever ventures even close to his lands.  According to all accounts, he is murderous, heartless, and ruthless.  His name is Peter Pan.

After a chance encounter, Tiger Lily seeks him out, and she quickly falls in love.  Her life now has two distinct halves.  During the days, she lives her normal life in the village, plagued by heartbreak and worrying changes.  At night, she goes to the burrow to the life of the lost boys.  It is a life of play and exhilarating danger.

But Tiger Lily has lived a life of pain and rejection, and she is terrified to express her true feelings.  Can she really trust Peter Pan?  And is her dual life distracting her from dangerous changes in her own village?

Jodi Lynn Anderson's Neverland is a magical but dark place filled with heartbreak and pain, but there is also a chance for happiness if Tiger Lily and the others can recognize the truth in front of them.

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