Saturday, August 17, 2013


Kira has always been different.  With her yellow eyes and unique ability to sense the demons hiding inside the bodies of those around her, the people have developed a fear and loathing for the body guard of the prince.  It doesn't help that her uncle, the king, has forbidden anyone to reveal the presence of demons in their midst for fear the people will panic.

Despite her outcast status, Kira is determined to keep the kingdom and especially her young nephew, Prince Taejo safe from the demon threat.  Everything changes when enemy forces, lead by demon possessed rulers sweep through the seven kingdoms destroying everything in their path.  Now that these Yamato warriors are at the gate of her beloved Hansong, Kira must do everything she can to help the prince escape the violence.

All seems lost until the monks remind everyone of an ancient prophecy at a Dragon Musado, a great warrior with will unite the seven kingdoms and destroy the demon threat once and for all.  Could this prophecy have something to do with Kira and Prince Taejo?

Ellen Oh's debut novel is set in a fantasy version of ancient Korea and mixes history and fantasy to tell this fast paced adventure tale!

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