Monday, March 16, 2015

All Fall Down

Grace's mother died in an accident.  That's what everyone keeps telling her.  The only problem is Grace was there that night.  She remembers the man who killed her mother.  Despite all the therapists and treatments and entreaties from her family, she knows her mother was murdered.

With her older brother in college and her father deployed to a war zone, Grace has been sent to live with her grandfather, the U.S. ambassador to Adria, a small but important European nation.  She does not want to be there.  Her grandfather hasn't spoken to her in three years, not since the night her mother died.  Every corner of the house reminds Grace of her mother and the painful loss she still suffers.

Now that she's back on Embassy Row, she reconnects with some old friends and meets some new faces.  Embassy Row is an international crossroads where every home is a sovereign country and every neighbor speaks a different language.

Grace really is trying to make things work until she sees him, the man who killed her mother.  No one will believe her, so Grace starts her own investigation to find out the truth.  But every secret revealed leads to more lies, and soon Grace isn't even sure she can trust herself anymore.

Ally Carter's new series is set in the high stakes world of international relations where every careless word can cause an international incident.  I love Carter's other books, and I look forward to more in this series!

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